Week 31 Keto Transformation

Week 31 included an Egg Fast and some self discipline. Even 31 weeks into my keto journey I’m still finding ways to challenge myself and push myself. Being that I only ate eggs, butter and cheese for 5 days this past week, it was super easy to stay on track. I started the week at 233 and on Friday I was 228. We went out for salads Friday night so the next morning I was 229. I’m assuming it was water weight and the actual intake of food, not a pound gained. I was back to 228 this morning to start the fresh week off. My grand total weight loss is now 81 pounds lost.

I feel wonderful. I seem to get “full” faster after that little egg fast. I have 0 cravings right now as well. I’m feeling pretty awesome so I would highly recommend an egg fast for anyone wanting to jump start their journey.

So my thoughts for the week is about time. I went through some old pictures on my phone that somehow survived my immediate need to delete evidence of my fatness. I remember feeling disgusted with myself after seeing those pictures. But I’m happy they survived my delete spree because I have a few pictures left to show me how far I’ve really come. This is a photo of me about 6 months before I started my journey.

2019-09-15 (1).jpg

There is never a perfect time to change your life. That’s just another excuse. The stars are never going to line up perfectly for you and make this journey easy. No one would have a weight problem if that were the case. This change in direction is actually going to be the fight of your life! With that being said, you may have tried and failed a million times before. Why will it work this time? It will work when you do what you say you’re going to do. Actions speak louder than words. Anyone can wish or dream to lose weight but those that take the first step are the ones that see the finish line. Those that get up when they fall down, over and over again, are the ones that get to the goal weight!

I’ve fallen down many times in my journey. I call those pounds that I gained now “lessons gained” because I’m wiser now. Don’t get me wrong, my first 2 weeks were horrible as a sugar addict starting a keto journey. I fought with everything I had to get through those first two weeks without failing, again. It was mere determination of not wanting to be morbidly obese anymore and my ability to cut ties with my ex-best friend, sugar, that let me finally win this battle.

Sugar made me feel like I couldn’t live without it. Sugar gave me every excuse in the world to justify eating it, despite constant weight gain and health issues. Sugar made me ditch all my friends, hide from the world, and think that I wasn’t worth fighting for. Sugar somehow had so much control over me that it was the only thing that could both make me feel so good and bad at the same time. The one thing that I loved was the one thing that was killing me.

Sugar even had the nerve to tell me I was too fat to work out at the gym. Sugar told me everyone was staring at the “big girl” at the gym. Sugar told me lose weight first then come back to the gym when I’m not the biggest anymore. Yeah… sugar was in my head and still had all the control! I started my gym membership when I began my keto journey back in February 2019.

I went one day, took these selfies and then didn’t show up again until month 7 of my keto journey. I let sugar control my desire to change my life, again.  Even after I was succeeding month after month and losing weight, I still battled letting sugar control time.

But as the journey goes on, you get wiser. It’s the best way to describe it. You start seeing through all the lies. You start recognizing your self destructive behavior when you’re getting stressed, feeling anxious, and want to seek Sugar’s comfort. You connecting all the dots to the web of lives that you gave so much of your life to. It’s empowering and intense!


You CAN live without that best friend and the sooner you cut the ties the faster you will have your life back. Plus, wait until you meet the new friends! These new friends are here to see you get stronger and live your best life!

One thought on “Week 31 Keto Transformation

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am so proud of you! I have been surfing the KETO channels.
    Found yours and took some of your recipes. I”m only 3 weeks into keto.Never had the discipline like I have this time, not sure why. The scale
    has only gone down 3 little pounds but I’m losing inches. Crazy. I’ve felt like giving up
    but I CAN see the difference in the mirror. I need to get back to the gym but like you…..sugar wins
    in my life soooo many times. I eat very close to your meals. Keep it up, waiting for
    those next pics.

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