My Gym Routine – Beginner’s Guide

I went 6 months without any exercise when I started my keto transformation. I had a gym membership since day one and went once to the gym. I was too embarrassed feeling like the biggest girl in the gym with all the gym rats around. At the time I cared too much what everyone else thought about me, even if I went unnoticed. Fast forward to month 7 of my keto journey and I have all the confidence in the world to bust out a workout at my local gym. As someone who did lead an active lifestyle prior to becoming morbidly obese, I was no stranger to the gym. I’m familiar with how to use all the equipment and using this past skill to transform my new body.

My current goals are to tighten up loose skin and replace with lean muscle. I’m not expecting surgical results but I’m going to do my job and replace that soft tissue with dense, fat burning muscle mass. This gym routine is what I have been doing for the past month. It’s a great beginner’s workout and anyone can do these exercises. I’m primarily using the machines at the gym while I’m in this stage of my keto transformation.

I do not do any cardio. I will explain why I feel that way in more detail in an upcoming video. The cliff notes version is because I have a genetic heart defect that causes cardiomyopathy and my body is also an adrenal type. Cardio is a something that adds more stress on the heart. For someone who already has too much stress on the heart and an unavoidable heart defect, I avoid things that stress the heart out. That does not mean you can’t do cardio. That means for my own personal situation, cardio is not ideal for me. Strength training is not as stressful on the heart and I actually really enjoy it. I always dreaded using the elliptical and treadmill, which also never inspired me either!

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I do 5 sets of 5 reps at the highest weight I can successfully complete the set. It’s important to note that you should never sacrifice form for weight. You will injure yourself so quickly if you do not practice good form! It’s okay to push yourself but know your limit! Also, do the reps slowly to avoid injury and make the most of your routine. You will build muscle stronger that way.

Week 32 Keto Transformation Update

Day 224 – Week 32  Understanding your body type.

So shall we get right to the results?! I weighed in at 226 this morning which makes my total weight loss 83 pounds in 32 weeks. I had a great week of eating and my clothes are fitting looser. With the Fall weather on the way I’m now walking to and from to pick my kids up from school plus I’m going to the gym 3 times a week. I’m getting more active each day and got some new workout clothes!

I had an emotional week last week. When you get this deep into a journey to turn your life around… the past, present and future come up. See, when you’re 309 pounds, you are more than likely have your walls up. For me, my past made me have walls up for at least the last 15 years. It was a layer of protection I had around myself because of the way I felt inside and my lack of understanding of how my body works. My walls protected me from the judgement, everyone’s opinion about my weight, affirmation of my lack of self worth, and let me safely live inside my bubble. The bigger I got, the bigger my walls got. I was always hiding from the world and missing out on relationships because I felt I was too fat to enjoy them. As if being morbidly obese made me less of a person or something.

Week by week, I’ve been using a sledgehammer to chip away at the walls I built so many years ago. Each pound I lost knocked another brick off. I’m at the point where the walls are low enough that I can step over them. They are no longer serving any protection for me. With all that exposure, I no longer have my safety net. If you were someone without a large social media following, it wouldn’t really be a big deal. But by documenting my weight loss journey publicly on YouTube it does open me up for some keyboard warriors and trolls. For some reason I had more than I normally do last week and I let some of the negative comments get to me. It got under my skin enough that I wanted to stop sharing my journey.

I was suddenly missing the walls I used to have and it was giving me major anxiety to be so.. exposed. I was regretting sharing my story and ready to use that delete button to take it all down from the internet and vanish. I was overreacting to the situation though. I was panicking over like 20 comments! Before I did anything stupid, I took a mini break on Friday afternoon. I stepped away from it to take time to breathe and release all the negative thoughts I had just read. I told myself to look at what really matters. I have THOUSANDS of truly beautiful, inspiring, loving comments on my channel…why am I upset about these internet trolls calling me fat, nitpicking my hair, my appearance, for saying “nutritional yeast” by accident instead of “regular yeast”, etc?

One of the doctors I follow, Dr. Berg, shared an interesting video about understanding your body type as it relates to your health and nutrition. There’s 4 body types: adrenal, thyroid, liver and ovary. I’m 100% an adrenal body type. People who typically are the adrenal type are apple shaped with smaller arms and legs, have a round face, very low tolerance to stress, crippled themselves with anxiety, and lack mental focus because they are constantly in fight or flight mode. We’re so stressed out all the time our cortisol levels is off the charts. In fact, my cortisol was so high I got tested for cushing’s syndrome. When faced with stress, those with adrenal body types tend to over-react and overthink it, which causes more stress. The cycle repeats. We basically exhaust ourselves worrying about the stress and begin to self medicate with food.

This journey has made me stronger and wiser because I can now see the signs and triggers where I was blind before. I understand my body type and how to handle situations like this moving forward.  This journey has been about me finding the keys to unlock the secrets to my weight loss journey and prevent this from ever happening to me again. This one answer explains how my whole life spiraled out of control. It explains why I tried and failed so many times before. How I gained so much weight and got to 309 pounds. So when I started allowing those 20 morons to get under my skin, I had to snap myself out of it.

The second part of this is forgiveness. I admit I was mad as a hornet last Friday. The amount of hours I spend documenting my weight loss story on my channel sharing my experience to help as many people is about the amount hours of a full time job. I felt unappreciated and attacked. So naturally, I was salty about it. With that said, this channel has given me my life back. This channel has made me strong. This channel is the best thing I’ve ever done! This channel inspired me to lose 82 pounds! I’m so freaking proud of what I’ve done, especially for inspiring and motivating each and every one of you to do this with me. So I forgive all my haters. You showed me another time where I’m getting back up again, dusting myself off, and powering through.

Week 31 Keto Transformation

Week 31 included an Egg Fast and some self discipline. Even 31 weeks into my keto journey I’m still finding ways to challenge myself and push myself. Being that I only ate eggs, butter and cheese for 5 days this past week, it was super easy to stay on track. I started the week at 233 and on Friday I was 228. We went out for salads Friday night so the next morning I was 229. I’m assuming it was water weight and the actual intake of food, not a pound gained. I was back to 228 this morning to start the fresh week off. My grand total weight loss is now 81 pounds lost.

I feel wonderful. I seem to get “full” faster after that little egg fast. I have 0 cravings right now as well. I’m feeling pretty awesome so I would highly recommend an egg fast for anyone wanting to jump start their journey.

So my thoughts for the week is about time. I went through some old pictures on my phone that somehow survived my immediate need to delete evidence of my fatness. I remember feeling disgusted with myself after seeing those pictures. But I’m happy they survived my delete spree because I have a few pictures left to show me how far I’ve really come. This is a photo of me about 6 months before I started my journey.

2019-09-15 (1).jpg

There is never a perfect time to change your life. That’s just another excuse. The stars are never going to line up perfectly for you and make this journey easy. No one would have a weight problem if that were the case. This change in direction is actually going to be the fight of your life! With that being said, you may have tried and failed a million times before. Why will it work this time? It will work when you do what you say you’re going to do. Actions speak louder than words. Anyone can wish or dream to lose weight but those that take the first step are the ones that see the finish line. Those that get up when they fall down, over and over again, are the ones that get to the goal weight!

I’ve fallen down many times in my journey. I call those pounds that I gained now “lessons gained” because I’m wiser now. Don’t get me wrong, my first 2 weeks were horrible as a sugar addict starting a keto journey. I fought with everything I had to get through those first two weeks without failing, again. It was mere determination of not wanting to be morbidly obese anymore and my ability to cut ties with my ex-best friend, sugar, that let me finally win this battle.

Sugar made me feel like I couldn’t live without it. Sugar gave me every excuse in the world to justify eating it, despite constant weight gain and health issues. Sugar made me ditch all my friends, hide from the world, and think that I wasn’t worth fighting for. Sugar somehow had so much control over me that it was the only thing that could both make me feel so good and bad at the same time. The one thing that I loved was the one thing that was killing me.

Sugar even had the nerve to tell me I was too fat to work out at the gym. Sugar told me everyone was staring at the “big girl” at the gym. Sugar told me lose weight first then come back to the gym when I’m not the biggest anymore. Yeah… sugar was in my head and still had all the control! I started my gym membership when I began my keto journey back in February 2019.

I went one day, took these selfies and then didn’t show up again until month 7 of my keto journey. I let sugar control my desire to change my life, again.  Even after I was succeeding month after month and losing weight, I still battled letting sugar control time.

But as the journey goes on, you get wiser. It’s the best way to describe it. You start seeing through all the lies. You start recognizing your self destructive behavior when you’re getting stressed, feeling anxious, and want to seek Sugar’s comfort. You connecting all the dots to the web of lives that you gave so much of your life to. It’s empowering and intense!


You CAN live without that best friend and the sooner you cut the ties the faster you will have your life back. Plus, wait until you meet the new friends! These new friends are here to see you get stronger and live your best life!

The Keto Egg Diet (aka Egg Fast)

I get a lot of people asking me if I’ve done the 3 or 5 day Egg Fast before. I haven’t tried it before but I am definitely curious. I have also been asked about the beef and butter fast but never tried that either. I love trying new things so why not pick one of them and try it?! So I began my research about the egg fast and gathered as much info as possible. Be careful when you do your research and make sure the source is credible.

What is the egg diet or egg fast? Basically, you eat a ratio eggs, butter, and cheese each meal for either 3 or 5 days. You determine how much based on your own macros. A general guideline is 3-4 eggs plus 2 tablespoons butter and 1 ounce of cheese in each meal. Then you determine how many meals of that you need to hit your macros. For me, I weigh 230 pounds currently which after calculating my macros I determined I need to eat that meal 2 times a day. See the screen shot below.


Reasons to do an egg fast? For one it’s a challenge and that’s always fun to see what you’re capable of. It also helps reduce or curb your cravings. If your weight loss has slowed or stalled, it’s a great tool to use to help get the scale moving again. It helps you with control and self discipline too.

I like a challenge so I am planning on doing this keto egg diet for 5 days. I am going to be strict and take the challenge seriously. That means I am going to avoid all sweeteners. I’m doing this because in order to get the maximum benefits of this challenge, following the rules is key. I’ve seen TONS of recipes for this egg fast but most of them are loaded with sweeteners and spices. I’m using this challenge as a way to help my cravings so eliminating them for 5 days is totally doable.


There is no actual fasting in this way of eating. I’m not sure why they call it an egg fast. However, I’m keeping my intermittent fasting schedule (16:8) where I’ll begin eating around 1:00 PM and have my second meal at 6:00 PM. I absolutely love how the collagen has improved my shoulder pain that I got from an injury two years ago so I am also going to continue drinking my daily collagen coffee. I will also drink sparkling waters and unsweetened tea.

Check back in 5 days with my results! My official starting weight for this challenge was 233. I’m hoping to have lost 5 pounds but we’ll see! Stay tuned!


Week 30 Keto Transformation Update

The last time I got to 30 weeks of anything, it was because I was pregnant. I’ve never been able to completely stick to something this long. Some days I think I’m dreaming that this all is happening to me and I’m going to wake up 309 pounds again. I log into my YouTube channel daily and see the subscriber count continuing to soar up. It makes me smile ear to ear that so many  people are cheering me on. I’m so thankful that 15,213 subscribers are following my journey! Do you know how motivating that is for me? To have over 15 thousand people cheering me on is such an amazing feeling!

With the past gazillion diets that I yoyo-ed on, I never was confident that I would be able to keep it off. I would get to a goal weight and then I’d be so miserable sacrificing to get there that I’d go right back to my old ways. Since being keto, I don’t feel like that anymore. I don’t feel deprived or like I’m missing out. I actually like eating this way! I never thought I would say that and actually mean it! It’s become so routine that I don’t really even think about it as a big deal or something new. I’ve found ways to keep it fresh and satisfying.

I wanted to stress to you that the journey is not about the number on the scale. While it’s nice to see it keep going down, the journey is about your transformation. The transformation also includes your emotional well being too. When you return to life after you’ve been hiding so many years, you are so much stronger! You learn so much about yourself that you didn’t know too. I found my strength and that strength allowed me to help as many people as I could with my story.

With as much temptation that is abundantly around us, I’m now wiser when I encounter it. In the beginning of my journey, it felt like I was missing out. I was so used to sitting on the sidelines while the rest of the world played. My mind played tricks on me and made me feel like I needed sugar so I gave in. Some weeks the scale showed gains. Those lessons were so valuable because instead of causing me to crash… I actually smartened up! I saw the deception that the sugar did to me. It prepared me for the next time. There will always be a “next time” so you just start getting better. You can’t control everything around you but you can control your reaction. You can decide to fight it or you can decide to learn another lesson.

As I’m sitting here 78 pounds smaller only 30 weeks later, I can tell you that this journey has not been easy. It has absolutely been the fight of my life. But my life was worth fighting for!!

Week 28 Keto Transformation Update

I got so busy on my other social media accounts that I forgot to keep updating this blog about my keto journey. Well, it’s been 28 weeks (196 days) on keto now! I’m still going strong and this is now considered my new normal.

Today I weighed in at 234 pounds!!! Just 6 months ago I weighed 309 pounds! I still don’t believe it myself but the scale is the only thing that doesn’t lie! The scale remembers if I didn’t count my macros, if I didn’t weight my food, if I tried to “wing it” when it comes to portion sizes, and keeps me honest with myself. I can officially say I’ve lost 75 pounds with 65 more to go until I reach my goal. With that being said, don’t judge your entire keto journey on the number on the scale. Judge your journey by the way your clothes fit, measurements, pictures, and most importantly, how you feel!

I get a lot of the same questions so I thought I would do tips of the week in my weekly weigh in videos. The question I’m going to elaborate on is cravings. I am not perfect. I’ve had many hard lessons in my 28 weeks of my keto transformation. When I first started my journey and had a slip up or craving that I gave in to, I would go off track several days and then have to get back into ketosis. Each slip up I got better and stronger so now when it happens I can play defense. Instead of just giving in I think to myself, “what’s going on here? Why am I craving something? What’s triggering it?!” Most of the time I am either thirsty, bored, stressed, reacting to something that upset me, or having a menstrual cycle.

9 times out of 10… I’m thirsty! Yeah, seems silly, but being thirsty is similar in feeling of hunger. Try drinking a glass of water! The next likely candidate is you are bored. Get busy and take on a new project like a closet purge, kitchen/pantry organized, the to-do list! With stress and emotions… you have to find a way to channel that such as walking away, letting it go, planning ahead, talking with a friend, going to the gym or for a walk.

Lastly. if you’re still craving after doing everything you can to defend it from wrecking your self discipline for the week, cheat with keto foods!!!! There’s a million recipes out there from everything to coffees to snacks or fat bombs. This way, if you have a slip up you maybe only over your fat for the day. Eating too much fat is a lot better for you than blowing it on a cheat meal. You won’t be kicked out of ketosis for eating too much fat. Also, it will train you to stop going to sweets as a way to satisfy yourself and to use fat instead.


Week 9 Keto Transformation

Well, another week has passed since my last update. It’s now been 9 weeks or 63 days since I started my keto transformation. I can hardly recognize the girl in the before picture. So much has changed both mentally and physically.

In 9 weeks I managed to lose 40 pounds off my body with a ketogenic diet plus intermittent fasting. My keto results are something to be proud of!

I went from wearing a size 20/22 on the bottom to a size 16/18. My tops used to be size 2 or 3XL and now I wear XL/1XL. I can wear my wedding band on my finger again which makes me so happy!

Please comment below with your questions and I’ll make a Q&A video next! week9-1week9-2week9-3week9-5


Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since I decided to change my life. So much has changed in such a short time. I can’t believe I ever let myself get to 309 pounds. I can’t believe the difference losing 38 pounds of fat, eating keto and incorporating intermittent fasting can make on your body. My photos make it look like I’ve lost more than 38. If I had to guess and didn’t know what I did to lose the weight, I would say it looks more like 50 lbs than 38!

So where do I even begin? Two months ago I would wake up tired, grumpy, not motivated to do anything, and disgusted with the person I saw in the mirror. I thought about sugar 24/7 and never skipped a meal. Nothing fit in my closet including my underwear, bras and wedding band. I was so miserable, unhappy and had no self worth to change my life. I wasn’t even the best mom because I didn’t like going out and doing things with my kids. I would sit on the bench at the park instead of play with them. Even having been diagnosed with heart failure wasn’t enough to scare me.

It gets boring on the side lines watching everyone else have fun. I wanted to live life again and stop hiding from the person I am. I wanted the old me back. The old me that was so happy, full of life, attractive, strong, and a fighter. I decided I was fed up and either I give this one last try or look into surgery. Something had to change.

So it was either “get busy living or get busy dying”.

Something finally ignited inside me. The aggressive nature I keep tucked away and hidden from everyone is coming back. The secret side of me, that unless you know of my past athletic accomplishments, is ready to come back out. The super human strength that I naturally have that allows me to be physically stronger than pretty much all females and sadly, a lot of males LOL. The girl that used to play softball and be the “clean up” batter, also known as the 4th person on the roster to smash the ball out of the park for a grand slam. The girl who used to compete in weightlifting and could bench press 225 pounds, clean and jerk 175 and dead lift 300. The girl who played center in basketball and would get all the rebounds. The girl that was in countless fights at school because she fought off her sister’s many bullies. That girl was so strong. She only knew how to win and be great. That girl was not afraid of anything. She was fearless.

Good news, that girl was me. All of it. It’s all still inside me and it’s going to give me the strength this time to fight my own battle. I’m taking a break from fighting for everyone else. I may have lost weight battle the past 13 years because I put everyone else first but I have not lost the war. I’m back and nothing will get in my way!

On February 11, 2019 I decided to change my life.  My plan was to live a ketogenic lifestyle, incorporate intermittent fasting, and create a presence on social media to keep myself accountable. My plan was to not give up or give in no matter how hard it was. The first week was BRUTAL. I wanted to give up and wasn’t even sure I could make it through the first week. I channeled all the anger and inner strength that was built up inside me from the past 13 years. Out came the beast from my past!

I stepped on the scale a week later and lost 12 pounds! I did it! I smashed my goal by 7 pounds too! Week 2 I woke up feeling changed. It gave me strength to push on. I didn’t wake up tired, I didn’t miss sugar, I had so much energy, I was literally PUMPED! Week 3 & 4 was glorious and I was ready to post my month one results. I lost 24 pounds in my first month!

Month 2 has been smooth sailing. I almost want to say it has been…. easy. I had one set back in week 5 because I didn’t lose anything that week. But I didn’t let it wipe the smile off my face. I was going to trust the process and keep fighting. By this time my support system was growing incredibly and the amount of people cheering me on is crazy! I love that I’m helping people change their lives too! It’s like the icing on the cake.

In 59 days, I have lost 38 pounds of fat from my body! I love the person I see in the mirror again. I love that she’s a fighter. I love that she loved herself enough to change her life to start living again. With 102 pounds left to lose, I’m glad she is inside me fighting for me because the war to lose weight is so. fucking. hard.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have the confidence that I’m going to hit my goal weight of 169. In fact, at this pace I’ll be in one-der-land in 3 more months! I’m so excited to continue this journey!



I DID IT!! It’s week 4 and my official first month update!! Each week has gotten easier because this is becoming my new routine and the new me. My energy is high, my sugar cravings are now gone, I’m stronger emotionally, and I know what I’m capable of now. I am getting so much done with my business, so productivity is benefiting my bottom line as well. It seems like a dream but it’s really happening!

I started exercising as a way to destress my life. I am finding other ways to cope and I urge you to find something physical to channel those emotions that make you seek comfort in food.

My biggest piece of advice that I can tell you at this point of my weight loss journey is to PLAN & PREPARE all your food for the week. You will be less likely to cheat or go off plan if you have foods at your reach. Foods that are on plan! Plus, making a menu (or meal prepping) saves you so much money with your grocery budget.

Also, you need a support system in this journey. You need support for times when you are tempted to go off track, someone to help motivate and inspire you, and someone who won’t tempt you with foods that you cannot have. If you have someone in your life that is sabotaging you, you need to remove them.

Lastly, in the past 28 days I was able to lose 24 pounds on keto. Look at the difference only 1 month has made on my body physically. I put on the same outfit to see how my clothes fit. My shirt was piss tight around Christmas time. Fast forward to a month on keto and my shirt fits like it’s supposed to.

53325218_10100964052642751_2533414630236094464_o (1)

My boobs fit so much better in my bra. I’m at least down a cup size in my bra. My back rolls are smaller, my pants fit higher on my belly and my love handles are almost gone. Amazing!!


And compare it to week 1. My belly is almost flatter than my boobs in the side view. My boobs shrunk as much as my belly did lol. Remarkable difference! So not only do I feel like a new person, my body is taking shape too! Stay tuned for a meal planning video!

MONTH1 front

MONTH1 back

MONTH1 side (1)


Well, another week in the books! Week 3 is complete and the results are in. I am feeling so amazing. I’m so much stronger when it comes to will power and my energy is the highest it has been since I was in my 20s. I managed to lose 22 pounds in 3 weeks because today I weight 287. Remember now, I started 3 weeks ago at 309 pounds. That is so crazy!

One thing to make a note of when doing the keto diet. You don’t lose weight the same way as traditional diets. Keto tends to have a peeks and valleys downward trend. In other words, you drop a bunch of pounds, then maybe up a pound, then another big drop… and repeat. It’s perfectly normal so don’t focus on the scale.

Take your measurements so you see progress when the scale is not showing a loss. When I started this weight loss journey, my hips were 60″ with a soft tape measure. Today, my hips are 57″ so that’s 3″ off my hips already.

I’m so motivated to keep pushing on. It’s getting easier now so that helps. My sugar cravings are almost gone so I believe I’m becoming fat adapted. If you’re skeptical of a keto lifestyle, I urge you to watch my videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Stay tuned for next week… it’s a milestone first month update!


WEEK 3 side