Keto Rewind JANUARY CLEAN 30

This keto meal plan makes no guarantees, promises or claims to weight loss. Please discuss with your doctor and do your own research before starting any lifestyle changes. This is what Kyle and I will be eating for the Keto Rewind CLEAN 30! Follow along for inspiration. Make changes according to your individual requirements. Serving and portion sizes are based on our own macros.


PSMF Chicken Nuggets

These are so easy to make and are kid approved! I like to sometimes double or triple the batch to make them up ahead of time for easy leftovers. The nuggets are great for protein sparing modified fasting days and also make great appetizers!

PSMF Chicken Crust Veggie Pizza

Back before my weight loss journey I always enjoyed the ranch style pizza that is commonly served during Super Bowl parties or social get togethers. I had an idea to use the Keto Connect pizza crust with this recipe to create a PSMF Veggie Pizza. Here’s how I made it!

The Best Tasting Keto Mayonnaise

This keto mayonnaise is a much healthier version of my old favorite! This is the best mayo recipe I have tried since beginning my keto journey in 2019. Each time I tried making a mayonnaise with avocado, olive or coconut oils it came out tasting horrible! I gave up mayo altogether because if I couldn’t…

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