Total Carb Challenge

The monthly challenge begins August first and the theme is tracking TOTAL carbs!

Let’s Do This!

I have tracked net carbs throughout my journey to rewind my health from morbidly obese to a healthy weight. To date, I have lost 125 pounds and I’m 9 pounds away from my goal weight. That means there is still work left to do until my keto transformation is complete. To keep my journey moving forward, I’ve started doing monthly challenges on my YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

The theme for the month of August is tracking total carbs instead of net carbs. This will help us all push through any stalls on the scale, try something new, and keep our eyes focused on our goals.

Each week for the month of August I will share a 5 day meal plan for F R E E! You will find the pdf file here on this page with the weekly meal plan for your to download. I am not filming on the weekends because my weekends are too hectic for that so that’s why you won’t see Saturday or Sunday. I suggest using your favorite recipes from my CLEAN 30 challenge back in June to fill in the gaps. Remember, you do you!

Week 3

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