Flab Fighter Challenge 2023

After fighting obesity for 4 years, I have learned a lot. As I learn more about health and weight loss I think it’s natural for beliefs to evolve in your journey. I decided to do another challenge similar to the CLEAN 30 challenge but update it with my new goals in nutrition. I am removing as much processed for as I can and sticking to the basics. I am more protein focused too. Follow along with me as I fight my flab in this weight loss challenge.

Here’s How It Works

Daily videos of the foods I’m eating with the recipes, the macros, and the explanations of why I’m doing what I’m doing. I will provide weekly menus, shopping list and all the weight loss tips I discover. Please note, I am not going to film the weekends to take a break from all the editing.

Flab Fighters Menu Week 1:

Flab Fighters Weight Loss Challenge Week 2

Flab Fighters Weight Loss Challenge Week 3