What’s Stopping You From Changing Your Life To A Ketogenic Lifestyle?

Just like the title says…. what’s stopping you? What are you afraid of? Yes, there’s a lot of “experts” out there that are bashing the keto lifestyle. In fact, another well known diet, Weight Watchers, is publicly shaming keto. But why? Well, it’s pretty obvious to me.

Money. It’s always about money.

There is no way to make money off of you if you can eat real food and lose weight for free. Of course, there is going to be upset folks about this as this is a major threat to the weight loss industry as a whole! The weight loss product industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Not to mention the pharmaceuticals, health care professionals and insurance industries… yeah they don’t want you losing weight this way either. If you can get off your medications because you lost weight and took charge of your health… they stop making money. Now don’t get your panties all in a bunch… not all health care professionals feel this way. A LOT OF THEM support keto!! In fact, that is how I even heard about keto in the first place. My cardiologist recommended it! All I’m saying is, keto is a hot topic right now because if done correctly, it can change your life and it’s free.

There are risks to keto. If you use keto to drop weight quick but then go back to eating in excess with your old habits.. it can be dangerous! You can’t do sugar AND fat together in excess. You must pick to fuel your body with ketones OR glucose. Mixing sugar and fat in excess creates cholesterol problems, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Yo-yo dieting is hard on your body too. Keto is not a fad diet. It’s a commitment to a new way of eating and throwing away everything you were taught about dieting before. Things like fat that we avoided at all costs are now welcomed. I was a skeptic. But I have lab work to prove my results on keto have changed my health for the better!

Now that we have that cleared up, what other reasons scare you off? Do you think you couldn’t give up bread, pasta, sugar, and everything else that is white? I will say, that first week is BRUTAL to get through. No lie. I almost didn’t make it. But with anything else in life… when one door closes another opens! There’s another way of eating that is just as satisfying! You get to have healthy fats, healthy salt (pink Himalayan sea salt), protein and dairy! Yes, dairy! Plus, you will feel AHHHHHHHHHHH-MMMAAAAZING! That alone makes up for the 10 minutes of bliss eating something full of sugar & carbs and then having very little energy to take on your day.

With the popularity of the ketogenic diet being more mainstream now, there’s a lot of recipes that replace our former favorite recipes. I will make a separate post for this for reference. Some of these new replacement recipes are so tasty that I don’t even feel like I’m missing out anymore.

I cannot believe my energy, stamina, and lack of hunger on the ketogenic diet compared to a traditional fat free, high carb diet. I don’t think of food as often because I actually get full now. I’m more productive for two reasons – one being I’m not spending my entire day eating/snacking and two, because I’m not spending my entire day eating I have more free time to accomplish more in my day. My life literally revolved around food before. It revolves around saving myself FROM food now.

Eating is no longer a hobby anymore LOL. Eating is now my medicine. Health starts with food. The food I put in my body is to keep my body as healthy as possible. I’m no longer going to abuse my body with food. Eating like I did made me morbidly obese. Why would I want to eat that way again? Hard pass for me.

Do you think it is too expensive to eat keto? We used to spend $500 a week on groceries for our family of 4. That didn’t even include eating out. No wonder we never had any money! I would buy an entire week’s worth of food and then go out to eat. What in the actual F*CK?! How stupid is that. Or, I wouldn’t buy groceries because I sucked at planning and then HAVE to eat out because we had nothing to eat in the house. It was a viscous cycle. We threw away good food because it spoiled and my waistline constantly grew larger. I now make weekly menus, shopping lists, and grocery shop 1-2x a week. We haven’t thrown a single piece of food away in a month. Our grocery bill is now $100-$150 a week and we buy top shelf stuff like organic, pasture raised, etc. So not only is our grocery bill cheaper, the quality of our food is exponentially better!

When you eat fat, you stay fuller longer. That means you can easily add in intermittent fasting without a hitch. If you’re not hungry, listen to your body! It’s ok to skip a meal. In fact, when your body is not constantly digesting food it can repair itself, which makes you healthier! I will make a separately video on the many benefits of intermittent fasting. Obviously, it’s important to note that you also have more time in your day when you get to skip meals and it’s also a grocery budget saver!

So what other reasons keep you from trying keto? Please comment below!



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