Week 9 Keto Transformation

Well, another week has passed since my last update. It’s now been 9 weeks or 63 days since I started my keto transformation. I can hardly recognize the girl in the before picture. So much has changed both mentally and physically.

In 9 weeks I managed to lose 40 pounds off my body with a ketogenic diet plus intermittent fasting. My keto results are something to be proud of!

I went from wearing a size 20/22 on the bottom to a size 16/18. My tops used to be size 2 or 3XL and now I wear XL/1XL. I can wear my wedding band on my finger again which makes me so happy!

Please comment below with your questions and I’ll make a Q&A video next! week9-1week9-2week9-3week9-5

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