Week 6 Weigh In Keto Results


Wow, 42 days have passed since I decided to change my life with keto and intermittent fasting. Six whole weeks. I did it! First goal smashed! Here’s my most notable changes:

  • I feel like a new person!
  • Energy is  off the charts amazing!
  • No brain fog.
  • More productive in my days!
  • No hungry 24/7 anymore!
  • Dealing with emotions instead of eating them!
  • Happier.
  • More self worth.
  • Learned how to say no.
  • Clothes fit that I haven’t worn in years!

I am so proud of myself for losing 28 pounds in 6 weeks. Not only have I lost weight, but I have also lost 10 inches from my belly. It brings me such joy to make these positive changes to my life. There’s no way in hell I’ll go back to eating a high carbohydrate and fat free diet. Nope!

Here’s my week 1 verses week 6 pictures. I actually need smaller pants because the ones i was wearing don’t hold me in anymore like they used to! Or shall I say the week 1 pictures is actually a little misleading since my pants were holding my belly in more than the picture shows haha! Either way, I’m noticeably smaller!




Week 1vs6 fron

Copy of week1vs6back

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