Week 42 Keto Journey

Week 42 of my keto journey was a fun week because it included both a holiday and a 10 day vacation. My family and I went to Florida to visit my in-laws which meant this would be a planned time where we temporarily went off the ketogenic lifestyle. My in-laws were introduced to keto over the summer when they visited us and to my surprise are still doing keto! That made staying keto the first 5 days pretty easy. We all decided to have a regular menu for Thanksgiving and enjoy our time together. Being a planned “cheat” made it easier for me to deal with the mental guilt of any weight gain.

After enjoying Thanksgiving with all the fixin’s I did not return to the ketogenic lifestyle until today. So after 5 days off keto I gained 8 pounds! I’m not upset because I planned for this but I do feel like ass. My plan is to do a beef and butter fast to get re-focused and back on track. I had a bunch of success last time I did a beef and butter fast so that’s why I’m going back to it this week to get rid of all the inflammation and bloat from the past 5 days. Plus, my sugar cravings are out of control…almost making me feel maniac about it! So if you’re like me, use every tool in your wheelhouse to get back on track!

I will be doing daily what I ate in a day videos to show you what I am eating and to keep myself accountable.

In the photos below you can see the difference in my body with 8 pounds of inflammation. Incredible, right?! At least it’s not permanent. I’m just glad that I found out that you don’t have to feel like this forever. My new normal is keto and I’m ready to feel amazing again!

week42 (1).png

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