Week 37 Keto Transformation

I had a stressful week last week and I let my old habits get the best of me. Old habits meaning putting myself on the back burner, not getting enough sleep and major stress eating. My daughter had an asthma flare up and my every thought was focused on her well being. I cannot sleep knowing she is struggling to breathe so I barely got any sleep last week. Plus, I worried myself to death over it. If you’ve ever had a child with asthma, you know how serious it is. It can go from 0 to a 10 in minutes. So there I was, ridiculously stressed, feeling helpless and falling back into old habits by stress eating. Then stressing that I wasn’t going to lose weight this week because I stress ate and was upset with myself for losing the battle this week. I’m sharing this because it shows that no one is perfect. We all have our battles and we’re constantly being tested to see if we are strong enough.

So of course I debated whether I was going to make a video today. I wanted to hide from the truth. Which yes, the truth is I was stress eating, but the truth is also about fighting these weekly battles. You’re going to win some, you’re going to lose some. But the trick is to keep marching forward to the finish line. I will always be there for my kids no matter what. I’m always “mom” first before anything else.  I’m not saying I regret anything about last week. I am saying that I didn’t win last week but I get another chance this week to make a difference.  It’s all about being better and moving forward. I thought I would share with you what I’m doing to get back on track. I checked my glucose and ketone levels this morning to see the results of my damage. Glucose was 92 and ketones were .1 at 9:00 in the morning. Not horrible.

I decided not to do a weigh in today because I’m so tired of allowing the scale to hold power over me. I’m not even going to look at the scale for the first time in 37 weeks. It feels weird because I haven’t weighted myself since my week 36 weigh in so it will bea  2 week streak without weighing myself. That alone will be challenge in itself! It’s the first step in taking power back from the scale.

Secondly, when situations like this happen I hop on social media and scan through all the people I follow to draw inspiration. I follow Dr. Nowzaradan from the show on TLC called 600lb Life. I really respect his efforts to fight obesity. He recently shared a post that 300,000 people die per year from obesity. To me, it’s unacceptable. No one looks for a cure for obesity. Instead, doctors push “managing it” by prescribing medications. If 300,000 people died per year from using makeup made by one particular company… we’d have pitch forks out. That company would be taken down over the outrage. Where is that outrage for obesity?

Why did I share that thought? It’s up to you to save your life. The world isn’t set up for you to cure your obesity. You’ve got to start eating today as if your life DEPENDED on it because your life DOES depend on you to show up. You are the key to own health and success. If you can close your eyes and imagine what your future healthy self at your target goal weight looks like… how do you think she/he eats? Start eating the way your future self eats today and create new habits.

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