Week 36 Keto Transformation Update

Week 36…. where do I begin?! Ever have one of those weeks where your eating is on point, exercise was out of the park, and you look down on the scale expecting to see greatness and see disappointment instead? Like it all doesn’t make sense? That’s me. It’s so incredibly frustrating!!!! The past month has been like this!! I genuinely feel like I had a solid week. In fact, several days I didn’t even have time to eat and ate way under my calories, unintentionally.

At this point in my journey I should not have such difficulty with losing weight. It should still be coming off easily. I still have 53-60 pounds more to lose which puts me at the high end of the normal weight range for my height. I can totally understand the weight coming off slowly as I’m approaching my goal weight but I’m honestly pretty far away.

So what gives? I’m grateful for the progress I’ve had but I’ve really stepped up my game in the last month since I really want to hit my the first of my mini goals, 100 pounds lost! I aimed for a loss of 17 pounds this month to hit that and I’m so far away from that goal it’s not even funny. I’ve lost 4 pounds as today for the month of October. Granted, the month isn’t over yet but 4 pounds is pretty low for me.

I will say I had a high stress week and I’m still not managing that well. Because I had a high stress week I spent some extra time in the gym, went for extra walks, and made sure to eat well. I’m not sure what else I can do other than trust the process.

So that I don’t end this weekly update on a negative note, I have a non scale victory I can’t wait to share. I’ve been trying to fit into my wedding dress for the past month. I keep trying it every week to see if I can zip it. Last week, it seemed like it was never going to zip. I tried it yesterday 5 pounds smaller and that baby zipped right up!!!!!!!! It took me 14 years to get back into the dress but I’m here.

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  1. My thoughts are that working out is building muscle and not meeting your macros I also believe will make you not lose. You obviously are losing inches, you fit into your wedding dress ❣️ You are doing so awesome and looking Wonderful!! Stay strong!

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