Week 35 Keto Transformation / Month 8

Another week under my belt! After 2 weeks without a loss, I finally had a swoosh!!! That’s another proven example to trust the process. While it’s nice to see the scale go down, the scale isn’t the only way your body is shrinking. Stick with it and ignore the scale! I also went shopping to Old Navy and Burlington to get some new clothes. I ordered on Old Navy’s website originally and upon receipt of my order…nothing fit! For the first time in my life everything I ordered was TOO BIG! It was such a wonderful feeling and to my surprise, I am now a large or 12/14.

It’s been an interesting week because I was also testing my blood ketones and blood glucose with a all in one blood meter. I tracked my levels 3 times a day for 5 days to see if I could draw any conclusions from my results. I was trying to get my glucose ketone index (GKI) to a therapeutic level to see what it does to the scale. After tracking all week, going to the gym, fasting and eating very well I got it done which resulted in a 4 pound loss!!!

My grand total is now  86 pounds of fat gone forever in 8 months!

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