Week 33 – Day 231 Keto Transformation

I messed up. It’s confession time!

I fell into the trap that I always warn others of. As someone who struggles with a sugar addiction, allowing too many sweets, “including keto approved” sweets, into my diet is something be careful of. The sweet trigger sets off a button to eat all the things and it’s hard to control it or snap out of it. After eating too many chaffles last week, it flared up my desire for more sweets.

I was having a stressful week and it got the best of me. I saw all the signs that I have become aware of and ignored them. I wiped away 5 days of progress and blew it in 2 days over the weekend by having Mexican food, french fries and too many desserts. I coped with food instead of healthier ways.

So what do I do now? Well,  the most obvious plan is to get a handle on my sugar cravings and get back to basics. What works is eating strict keto, tracking those macros, and having limited extras. I also only did one day at the gym last week so I need to be getting my gym time in too. I’ll share my meal plan at the end of this video so you can do it with me.

Now, on to the deep stuff. When situations like this happen and you’re full of regret, angry for messing up, discouraged, etc…. have confidence that you can complete this weight loss journey despite any set backs! Remember who you are! Stay in the moment and don’t get caught up or dwell on having a bad day. This goes along the lines of letting go of your past. Keep the lessons and love for the journey and move on from the rest. It doesn’t justify the slip ups because those slip ups do have consequences but it does release the toxic feelings in exchange for peace. When you do this you can bring on healing in unspeakable ways. Think about it like turning on a light to diminish the darkness.

Tomorrow starts a new month, October. Let’s keto on!


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  1. Been watching your videos. You are doing a awsome job. And just remember like you said, you can’t please everyone.

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