Week 30 Keto Transformation Update

The last time I got to 30 weeks of anything, it was because I was pregnant. I’ve never been able to completely stick to something this long. Some days I think I’m dreaming that this all is happening to me and I’m going to wake up 309 pounds again. I log into my YouTube channel daily and see the subscriber count continuing to soar up. It makes me smile ear to ear that so many  people are cheering me on. I’m so thankful that 15,213 subscribers are following my journey! Do you know how motivating that is for me? To have over 15 thousand people cheering me on is such an amazing feeling!

With the past gazillion diets that I yoyo-ed on, I never was confident that I would be able to keep it off. I would get to a goal weight and then I’d be so miserable sacrificing to get there that I’d go right back to my old ways. Since being keto, I don’t feel like that anymore. I don’t feel deprived or like I’m missing out. I actually like eating this way! I never thought I would say that and actually mean it! It’s become so routine that I don’t really even think about it as a big deal or something new. I’ve found ways to keep it fresh and satisfying.

I wanted to stress to you that the journey is not about the number on the scale. While it’s nice to see it keep going down, the journey is about your transformation. The transformation also includes your emotional well being too. When you return to life after you’ve been hiding so many years, you are so much stronger! You learn so much about yourself that you didn’t know too. I found my strength and that strength allowed me to help as many people as I could with my story.

With as much temptation that is abundantly around us, I’m now wiser when I encounter it. In the beginning of my journey, it felt like I was missing out. I was so used to sitting on the sidelines while the rest of the world played. My mind played tricks on me and made me feel like I needed sugar so I gave in. Some weeks the scale showed gains. Those lessons were so valuable because instead of causing me to crash… I actually smartened up! I saw the deception that the sugar did to me. It prepared me for the next time. There will always be a “next time” so you just start getting better. You can’t control everything around you but you can control your reaction. You can decide to fight it or you can decide to learn another lesson.

As I’m sitting here 78 pounds smaller only 30 weeks later, I can tell you that this journey has not been easy. It has absolutely been the fight of my life. But my life was worth fighting for!!

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