Week 28 Keto Transformation Update

I got so busy on my other social media accounts that I forgot to keep updating this blog about my keto journey. Well, it’s been 28 weeks (196 days) on keto now! I’m still going strong and this is now considered my new normal.

Today I weighed in at 234 pounds!!! Just 6 months ago I weighed 309 pounds! I still don’t believe it myself but the scale is the only thing that doesn’t lie! The scale remembers if I didn’t count my macros, if I didn’t weight my food, if I tried to “wing it” when it comes to portion sizes, and keeps me honest with myself. I can officially say I’ve lost 75 pounds with 65 more to go until I reach my goal. With that being said, don’t judge your entire keto journey on the number on the scale. Judge your journey by the way your clothes fit, measurements, pictures, and most importantly, how you feel!

I get a lot of the same questions so I thought I would do tips of the week in my weekly weigh in videos. The question I’m going to elaborate on is cravings. I am not perfect. I’ve had many hard lessons in my 28 weeks of my keto transformation. When I first started my journey and had a slip up or craving that I gave in to, I would go off track several days and then have to get back into ketosis. Each slip up I got better and stronger so now when it happens I can play defense. Instead of just giving in I think to myself, “what’s going on here? Why am I craving something? What’s triggering it?!” Most of the time I am either thirsty, bored, stressed, reacting to something that upset me, or having a menstrual cycle.

9 times out of 10… I’m thirsty! Yeah, seems silly, but being thirsty is similar in feeling of hunger. Try drinking a glass of water! The next likely candidate is you are bored. Get busy and take on a new project like a closet purge, kitchen/pantry organized, the to-do list! With stress and emotions… you have to find a way to channel that such as walking away, letting it go, planning ahead, talking with a friend, going to the gym or for a walk.

Lastly. if you’re still craving after doing everything you can to defend it from wrecking your self discipline for the week, cheat with keto foods!!!! There’s a million recipes out there from everything to coffees to snacks or fat bombs. This way, if you have a slip up you maybe only over your fat for the day. Eating too much fat is a lot better for you than blowing it on a cheat meal. You won’t be kicked out of ketosis for eating too much fat. Also, it will train you to stop going to sweets as a way to satisfy yourself and to use fat instead.


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