I did it! I made it through week 1. I thought it was going to be harder than it was because I have been eating AWFUL for the past 8 months at least. Obviously, that’s why I blew up to 309lbs. Well I’m proud to say I’m down 12 freaking pounds!!!!!! That’s a ton of bloat and crap gone from my body. It feels so good too!

My cravings were HARD. I’m a sugar addict. I wanted sugar sooooo bad! I fought my cravings and won. They are better after a week but not completely gone yet. I’m sure this will take time. I did not experience the carb flu that is common to get when restarting your diet. I did add quite a bit of pink Himalayan sea salt to my food which is known to help with this.

So I did another thing. I’m putting myself out there publicly in an attempt to keep myself focused and reach my goals. I felt that if I made a YouTube channel specifically for my keto journey, I would have another reason to stay on track. I am going to post weekly updates on my channel so you can look forward to those updates. I’m going to share my tips, struggles, experience, pictures and more. If you want to follow along with my journey, feel free to smash that SUBSCRIBE button. Although my main goal is to rewind to a healthy weight, I would be honored to help or inspire anyone in my same boat.

Be warned, it’s raw. It’s real. It’s hard to publicly share this personal stuff but I’m inspired by the brave people who have shared their stories. I hope I can be inspiration too!

Let me know what you think!

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