The Keto Egg Diet (aka Egg Fast)

I get a lot of people asking me if I’ve done the 3 or 5 day Egg Fast before. I haven’t tried it before but I am definitely curious. I have also been asked about the beef and butter fast but never tried that either. I love trying new things so why not pick one of them and try it?! So I began my research about the egg fast and gathered as much info as possible. Be careful when you do your research and make sure the source is credible.

What is the egg diet or egg fast? Basically, you eat a ratio eggs, butter, and cheese each meal for either 3 or 5 days. You determine how much based on your own macros. A general guideline is 3-4 eggs plus 2 tablespoons butter and 1 ounce of cheese in each meal. Then you determine how many meals of that you need to hit your macros. For me, I weigh 230 pounds currently which after calculating my macros I determined I need to eat that meal 2 times a day. See the screen shot below.


Reasons to do an egg fast? For one it’s a challenge and that’s always fun to see what you’re capable of. It also helps reduce or curb your cravings. If your weight loss has slowed or stalled, it’s a great tool to use to help get the scale moving again. It helps you with control and self discipline too.

I like a challenge so I am planning on doing this keto egg diet for 5 days. I am going to be strict and take the challenge seriously. That means I am going to avoid all sweeteners. I’m doing this because in order to get the maximum benefits of this challenge, following the rules is key. I’ve seen TONS of recipes for this egg fast but most of them are loaded with sweeteners and spices. I’m using this challenge as a way to help my cravings so eliminating them for 5 days is totally doable.


There is no actual fasting in this way of eating. I’m not sure why they call it an egg fast. However, I’m keeping my intermittent fasting schedule (16:8) where I’ll begin eating around 1:00 PM and have my second meal at 6:00 PM. I absolutely love how the collagen has improved my shoulder pain that I got from an injury two years ago so I am also going to continue drinking my daily collagen coffee. I will also drink sparkling waters and unsweetened tea.

Check back in 5 days with my results! My official starting weight for this challenge was 233. I’m hoping to have lost 5 pounds but we’ll see! Stay tuned!


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