Keto Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is my absolute favorite dressing, mainly because whether I am keto or not, ranch is still my favorite salad dressing. So I was very pleased to hear that ranch dressing was allowed on keto. I make two different versions of ranch dressing so it’s not the same thing all the time. I personallyContinue reading “Keto Ranch Dressing”

Keto Approved Drinks

Here’s a video for keto approved drinks. It’s pretty straight forward though. Stay away from sugary drinks. I personally like to drink lots of filtered water from my Berkey, herbal teas, sparkling water and once in a while a Coke Zero. Always read your labels. Look at the carbs and sugar and if it’s higherContinue reading “Keto Approved Drinks”


I DID IT!! It’s week 4 and my official first month update!! Each week has gotten easier because this is becoming my new routine and the new me. My energy is high, my sugar cravings are now gone, I’m stronger emotionally, and I know what I’m capable of now. I am getting so much doneContinue reading “MONTH 1 UPDATE (Week 4)”


Well, another week in the books! Week 3 is complete and the results are in. I am feeling so amazing. I’m so much stronger when it comes to will power and my energy is the highest it has been since I was in my 20s. I managed to lose 22 pounds in 3 weeks becauseContinue reading “WEEK 3 UPDATE!”


I am sooooooo pumped! I started my weight loss journey on February 11th 2019 and today is February 28th! The results are in……. I DID IT!!! I jokingly set a goal for myself with high expectations to lose 20 pounds for the month of February. I started in the middle of the month so IContinue reading “20lbs LOST FIRST 18 DAYS ON KETO!”