Spring Cleaning March Monthly Challenge

I hope you enjoyed the Tool Box Challenge from last month. Now that you have your tool box completed and you are prepared for the next obstacle that is thrown your way, let’s kick off the next challenge! Spring is around the corner and one thing that always goes hand in hand with spring is Spring Cleaning! How on earth does spring cleaning have anything to do with a weight loss journey, you ask? It’s time to purge those closets, refrigerators, pantries, cabinets, bad habits, toxic friends, destructive behaviors, bad attitudes, etc!! The concept here is out with the old and in with the new!

March kicks off the third month of the new year so for those of you that began your weight loss journey in January, you probably have a closet full of clothes now that fits differently or a pantry full of food you no longer eat anymore. Perhaps you have toxic friends or family members that you haven’t seen in a while because you’ve been busy changing your life and realize you haven’t missed them. Now is the time to purge it all! Never underestimate how good it feels to clean out a closet, pantry, friends list, etc!

Use this monthly challenge to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off and get them done. Despite looking like a lot of work initially, it is also a liberating feeling to tackle these projects. Going through things lets you deal with it emotionally and also show you how far you’ve come. A bunch of little victories adds up after a while! Additionally, these are tasks that you should do to keep your mind busy and distracted from emotions that lead to eating. The more busy you are, the less time you can focus on eating. Also, with 2 solid months under your belt you should be feeling more energized to tackle these long over due projects!

How does this Monthly Challenge work?

Each week of March you’ll want to pick a project to tackle. Since March almost has 5 weeks, pick 5 projects and write them down. Don’t make every week about organizing pantries unless that is a major priority in your life right now. I suggest picking 2 behavioral projects (bad habits, behaviors, foods, etc) and 3 physical projects (pantry, closet, basement, etc).

For example, I will show you what I’m going to be doing each week as I come up with my plan. I kicked the challenge off with something easy and something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – cleaning out my closet! With that said, don’t rush this process and only spend 5 minutes thinking about this. Take this seriously and tackle the projects and behaviors that you really need to address. For that reason, I’ve only listed my first week’s project because I need to dig deep and

Week 1 Physical Project: clean out my closet and donate all clothes that don’t fit me or I don’t vibe with anymore.

Week 2 Behavior Project: coming soon

Week 3 Physical Project: coming soon

Week 4 Behavior Project: coming soon

Week 5 Physical Project: coming soon

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