Performance Nut Butter

I am always on the hunt for grab and go Keto snacks. I stumbled upon Performance Nut Butter after they wrote an inspiring article about me on their blog. Click HERE to read that interview. I loved the nut butter so much that I now keep it on hand for those times I just want something yummy.


I am not even a fan of coconut but the blend of coconut, macadamia nut and cashew of this nut butter is so decadent! I am sad when it’s over because I want more! It’s full of healthy fats which help promote healthy hormone production and make you perform at your peak. My husband brings a pack along his 60-70 mile bike rides too!

I will have this as a snack or sometimes I’ll add it to add fat to my daily macros. It’s also a great dessert if you want it by itself or even as a special sauce over brownies! The options are endless and I highly recommend Performance Nut Butter!

Here’s a link to shop now!

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