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The Keto Rewind Community on Facebook is a private and closed group for those seeking additional support with a more 1-on-1 approach with Jess and other members sharing the same goals. To gain access into this group there is a ONE TIME, non-refundable fee of $5 to join. No entry into this group unless payment is received. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Freeman or send an email to:


There are tons of groups & pages you can join for keto support on Facebook. Some of those communities are excellent resources that can help you with your keto journey. With the popularity of those communities, a downside is you lose the “small town feel” because they have massive amounts of members.  It’s harder to get the benefit of that support because it’s easy to become lost in the crowd. Additionally, I found a common problem with all of these groups/pages. Between the keto experts, keto haters, internet trolls, product pushers and newbies in those groups, I get annoyed with how MEAN people are to each other, the misinformation, and the judgement I see! How are you supposed to learn that way?

We’ve all been new to keto at some point so it’s nice to help others in return so they can get to where we are now. So I created my own keto support group, Keto Rewind Community, that focuses on my journey, experience and helpful tips plus a positive and supportive place to connect with other members with similar same goals. I like that I can respond to you more on a personal level and also that the members in here add their input too. FBgroup.PNG

Plus, I don’t want the product pushers in my group because besides a food scale, bathroom scale and some keto sugars/flours/etc there’s nothing you really NEED to buy in order to lose weight on keto. I will only recommend products that I actually use!

With that being said, I work hard on keeping the vibe in my Keto Rewind Facebook Group respectful, motivating, inspiring and the best community you’ll find. To keep the product pushers, noise, keto police and negative members away as well as keep the size of the group smaller, I do charge a one time fee entry fee of $5 to join. I also provide more details about my journey than what I share on my YouTube channel, Keto Rewind. The members in my group follow strict keto, lazy keto, dirty keto, LCHF, OMAD, low carb and intermittent fasting. There isn’t a one size fits all approach. What matters in MY group is that we focus on doing what is best for YOUR OWN journey and as long as we all get to the finish line, it’s a win! 

So if that sounds like the kind of supportive community that fits your needs, come join us now! I accept the following payment methods for the one time $5 entry fee:

  • PayPal –
  • Venmo – @ketorewind
  • Zelle –

No admittance in the group until payment is received.


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