I DID IT!! It’s week 4 and my official first month update!! Each week has gotten easier because this is becoming my new routine and the new me. My energy is high, my sugar cravings are now gone, I’m stronger emotionally, and I know what I’m capable of now. I am getting so much done with my business, so productivity is benefiting my bottom line as well. It seems like a dream but it’s really happening!

I started exercising as a way to destress my life. I am finding other ways to cope and I urge you to find something physical to channel those emotions that make you seek comfort in food.

My biggest piece of advice that I can tell you at this point of my weight loss journey is to PLAN & PREPARE all your food for the week. You will be less likely to cheat or go off plan if you have foods at your reach. Foods that are on plan! Plus, making a menu (or meal prepping) saves you so much money with your grocery budget.

Also, you need a support system in this journey. You need support for times when you are tempted to go off track, someone to help motivate and inspire you, and someone who won’t tempt you with foods that you cannot have. If you have someone in your life that is sabotaging you, you need to remove them.

Lastly, in the past 28 days I was able to lose 24 pounds on keto. Look at the difference only 1 month has made on my body physically. I put on the same outfit to see how my clothes fit. My shirt was piss tight around Christmas time. Fast forward to a month on keto and my shirt fits like it’s supposed to.

53325218_10100964052642751_2533414630236094464_o (1)

My boobs fit so much better in my bra. I’m at least down a cup size in my bra. My back rolls are smaller, my pants fit higher on my belly and my love handles are almost gone. Amazing!!


And compare it to week 1. My belly is almost flatter than my boobs in the side view. My boobs shrunk as much as my belly did lol. Remarkable difference! So not only do I feel like a new person, my body is taking shape too! Stay tuned for a meal planning video!

MONTH1 front

MONTH1 back

MONTH1 side (1)

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