Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 4

Wahoo! It’s day 4 of the Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 challenge and if you’re reading this you are close to finishing the first week! I’m excited about the dinner recipe tonight. I enjoy making these egg noodles in all my stir fry recipes not only to boost the protein content but also to bring fun to my plate. These keto egg noodles are very mild in taste but add loads of flavor once combined with a yummy recipe.

Lunch: 3 eggs scrambled in 1 tablespoon butter with a side of sausage links

Snack: keto coffee (black coffee, 2 tablespoons heavy cream and 1 scoop unflavored collagen)

Dinner: Keto Egg Noodle Stir Fry

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