Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 27

Only 5 days to go! This full day of eating keto was a treat if you ask me. I kicked off lunch with eggs, bacon and a SmartBUN which was so tasty. Then dinner was a protein packed Keto lasagna using sliced chicken as the noodles.

Lunch: 3 fried eggs with 4 sausage links and a toasted SmartBUN. If you want to use my affiliate link and save 10% use coupon code ketorewind with this link.

Snack: Keto Coffee and here’s the link for the milk frother

Here’s the link for my three tier bamboo salt container

Dinner: the lasagna recipe was from Keto Focus, a great source for delicious keto and low carb recipes. All I did was add some extra spices (garlic and Italian seasoning) to make it the way I normally would make my lasagna. In the future I may pack this lasagna with a layer of sauted veggies and swap the beef with turkey for another way to make this tasty dinner. Click here for recipe link and tell Keto Focus I sent you!

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