Keto Approved Sweeteners

So the use of fake sugars is a heated topic in the keto world. The point of keto is to get off the sugar. But life happens and it’s unrealistic to think you will never need to make something keto that has sugar in it. I am NOT a fan of Splenda, Xylitol, Truvia  or other fake sugars with aspartame that leave weird tastes in your mouth because it’s poison.

I use these two keto approved sugars to make recipes. Erythitol is good! No weird taste and no harmful side effects. Do your research and see for yourself. =)

The Swerve Confectioners Sugar replacement comes in powdered sugar or granulate sugar form to easily use in all recipes. It comes in granules or powdered. I prefer the powder because it easily mixes in my recipes being so fine.


The Z Sweet Sugar Replacement is another great keto sugar replacement and is my mom’s favorite sugar for her coffee.


Also, this Lily’s chocolate is the bomb dot com!! Use this for all your chocolate in your recipes!


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