Keto Approved Drinks

Here’s a video for keto approved drinks. It’s pretty straight forward though. Stay away from sugary drinks. I personally like to drink lots of filtered water from my Berkey, herbal teas, sparkling water and once in a while a Coke Zero.

Always read your labels. Look at the carbs and sugar and if it’s higher than 1 or 2 mg…. stay away! When you are keto, carbs add up quick so you don’t want to blow your day on a drink that has hidden sugars.

My favorite sparkling water is Dasani Lime or Lemon. You can even add in a shot of tequila to make the lime one alcoholic. It’s refreshing and a great substitute for a margarita. Additionally, you can drink red, dry wines, like Cabernet or Coke Zero with a shot of rum.

Watch the sugar on the sparking waters. Some do contain sugars, other use artificial sweeteners.


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