How People Treat Me Now

I get asked a lot how people treat me after my weight loss. Initially, I wanted to say people treat me so much differently now. But after I gave it some thought, I am not so sure the answer. I feel like I had my walls up high when I was morbidly obese. I feel like I was not giving off the vibe that made myself approachable. In other words, my behavior was equally to blame why people treat me different.

Now, 86 pounds into my journey, my walls are down. I smile ear to ear. I look forward to meeting new people. I feel as though my vibe is so fun that it makes people naturally want to talk to me. So yeah, I look better but I feel like it also is because I’m giving off a friendly vibe that makes people feel as if they can approach me.

I do find myself wondering about my new mom friends at my daughter’s school. I looked very different just 8 months ago. These moms never saw me morbidly obese. Would they have even given me the time of day just 8 months ago? I hate having that thought. But I find myself wondering this from time to time. I will never know the answer to that question either because I have no intention of weighing 309 pounds again. I will say it has been so much easier to make friends after my weight loss.

My kids don’t really remember what mommy looked like 8 months ago. They question it when they see old videos pop on the TV though…almost as if in disbelief. I get comments like, “I like you better smaller” or “you’re belly is so much smaller now” from them occasionally. They really have no idea what my weight loss journey entails and I’m trying to keep it that way.

My husband is super happy with my transformation. He’s never seen me smaller than I am now. We actually traded rolls. He was 120 pounds overweight when I met him. He lost the weight and I gained that weight plus some. I did realize now that he went through his weight loss journey alone because I wasn’t there for him like he is for me. I had no idea how much of an emotional rollercoaster it would be and I regret not digging his emotions out. Men don’t ever say anything so I had no idea what he was going through until I started my own journey.

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