FAST FASTS October Monthly Challenge

As I was thinking about a great monthly challenge for my community, it dawned on me to do something that was short yet highly effective. I enjoy doing something each month to keep my focus on my journey so I don’t get bored and give up on my goal of reaching a healthy weight. This monthly challenge will be a taste of everything I’ve done with the main difference that I’m wiser now and can explain better.

The goal here is to pick 4 different fasts to use for the weeks of October. For example, the first week I am doing a 3 day egg fast. That means for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that first week, I’m only eating eggs, butter and cheese. For the remainder of the first week, Thursday through Sunday, I’m eating normal keto. Then for week 2 I will be doing an entire week of carnivore. Week 3 will be a Beef & Butter fast for the first 3 days and keto for the rest of the week. I’m ending week 4 of the challenge with a high protein keto, or 60-65% fat, 30% protein, 5-10% carb.

Beef & Butter Playlist:

Protein Sparing Modified Fasting:

Egg Fast:

Alternate Day Fasting:

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