Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 17

I took a break from the non stop filming, cooking and editing because I’ve made this delicious butter chicken recipe many times before on my channel. Some days it just makes sense to take that break so I hope you understand. I made the recipe as prepared and instructed in the directions. Enjoy! Here’s theContinue reading “Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 17”

Spatchcock Lemon Chicken & Roasted Veggies

This is a recipe that you can do with any cut of chicken. I have used this marinade on plain chicken breasts and I’ve also used a whole chicken. For this recipe, we are focusing on how to spatchcock a chicken and then use this yummy marinade for the most tender chicken. You don’t needContinue reading “Spatchcock Lemon Chicken & Roasted Veggies”

Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 7

Week 1 is complete! How are you feeling? What have you learned over the past week? You should be so proud of your efforts to improve your health. We kicked off the day with a Hamburger salad and then ended the day with pesto chicken and asparagus. Lunch: Hamburger salad with dill pickles and mustardContinue reading “Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 7”

Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of the CLEAN 30! You’re almost through with the first week! You should be incredibly proud of yourself. The meal plan for today was another easy favorite recipe I make often. You can’t go wrong with an omelet and sausage links for breakfast, a Perfect Keto birthday cake protein bar withContinue reading “Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 6”