Easy Keto Eggs Benedict / Hollandaise Sauce

My dad joined me today while we filmed our Saturday breakfast favorite. This is such an easy breakfast to make and it’s very filling to curb hunger cravings all day! I used Keto Connect’s airfryer biscuit recipe and made a tiny change for the biscuit portion of this recipe. You can see their complete recipeContinue reading “Easy Keto Eggs Benedict / Hollandaise Sauce”

Is Erythritol A Healthy Sweetener?

Have you ever wondered what sweeteners to go with on a low-carb diet? I get asked about Erythritol all the time. I won’t recap all the details from the article here, but here are the fundamentals you need to know about erythritol. Erythritol: Is a sugar alcohol that comes from fruit, vegetables, or the fermentationContinue reading “Is Erythritol A Healthy Sweetener?”

Keto On Keto Off – New Weekly Series

Introducing a new weekly series called “Keto On Keto Off” which focuses on thought provoking ways to see if the ketogenic way of life is right for you. Today’s topics are: Do our taste buds change? Comparing keto foods with our favorites from our old way of life and expecting them to taste the change.Continue reading “Keto On Keto Off – New Weekly Series”

Week 36 Keto Transformation Update

Week 36…. where do I begin?! Ever have one of those weeks where your eating is on point, exercise was out of the park, and you look down on the scale expecting to see greatness and see disappointment instead? Like it all doesn’t make sense? That’s me. It’s so incredibly frustrating!!!! The past month hasContinue reading “Week 36 Keto Transformation Update”