Keto Veggie Cauliflower Rice

Saute peppers in avocado oil, add steamed broccoli and then scamble eggs in pan within mixture. Add spices and steamed cauliflower. If it’s dry add the butter. Optional: add sriracha for more flavor! Serve with grilled chicken. Easy Grilled Chicken: 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken tenders 2 tablespoons Kirkland no salt seasoning* pink salt toContinue reading “Keto Veggie Cauliflower Rice”

How to Pickle Veggies

Have you ever looked at the back of a jar of pickles and noticed how much sugar and food coloring is in them? I was shocked when I got home and read the label of my dill pickles. Dill pickles are supposed to be pretty basic yet there was still a boat load of ingredientsContinue reading “How to Pickle Veggies”