Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 + ADF Challenge Day 5

It’s Friday and we’ve made it to day 5! We are almost half way through the challenge. At this point things should start to make sense and you’re getting the hang of the simplicity of the keto lifestyle. Day 5 is a keto day so let’s start with lunch! For lunch today I was foundContinue reading “Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 + ADF Challenge Day 5”

Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 + ADF Day 3

Day 3 is another keto day and I’m already feeling so much better, both mentally and physically. I do want to mention that I am fasting (intermittent) until noon so my first meal of the day will start at lunch time. Don’t feel like you absolutely have to incorporate fasting in order to see results.Continue reading “Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 + ADF Day 3”

Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 + ADF Day 1

Let’s kick off this challenge with an easy keto day. I picked one of the easiest and straight forward meals that I typically enjoy. Remember, this is just what I am doing to get my priorities focused again and the serving sizes are based on my individual macros. Use this free meal plan as inspirationContinue reading “Keto Rewind CLEAN 30 + ADF Day 1”

Pork Tenderloin & Mashed Cauliflower

This is such a yummy dinner recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make this when you want to feel like a gourmet cook! This recipe is by my mom’s friend, Ralph, and he graciously shared it with us. We have been making this for a long time because it’s a family favoriteContinue reading “Pork Tenderloin & Mashed Cauliflower”

Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 29

It’s the final countdown! We have 3 days to go (including this one). Then it will be time for you to spread your wings and fly solo! I hope I have been making this keto lifestyle easy for you to learn and gain confidence that you can do this! It isn’t hard – it justContinue reading “Keto Rewind January CLEAN 30 Day 29”