5 Day Egg Diet Results – aka Keto Egg Fast

I got to experience my first challenge using the egg fast. I kept the concepts simple and did not use any sweeteners or spices other than pink salt. I would definitely do the egg fast again, especially if I got off course or needed a restart. It was an easy challenge to do and I can see why this is a great tool to have.

What is an egg fast? It’s basically where you eat eggs, butter and cheese only for 3-5 days. The ratio of eggs/butter/cheese is based off your own macros but the general rule is 4 eggs, 2 TBS butter and 1 ounce cheese per meal until you hit your macros. For example, I weighed 233 pounds at the beginning of my egg fast so inputting eggs, butter, and cheese into my food diary showed me I needed to eat at least 8 eggs, 2-4 TBS butter, and 1-2 oz cheese per day to hit my protein goals. I divided that up into two meals consisting of 4 eggs, 1 TBS butter and 1 ounce cheese in each meal twice per day. Here’ is a screen shot of my day.


These are all the advantages of doing an egg fast.

  • Super easy and a time saver for meal planning because you can only have 3 ingredients. I spent maybe 10 mins making meals and it gave me more time to do other things I needed to get done.
  • Tons of energy! As much as it gagged me to eat eggs for 5 days, I was equally impressed with how good I felt. I had so much energy that I ended up tackling stuff that’s been sitting on my to-do list forever!
  • Not hungry! Like 0 hunger! Towards the end of the fast I started backing off on the fat per meal because I was too full. I ended up doing 1 TBS of butter per meal instead of 2 TBS per meal. That helped me not feel so full yet still allowed me to taste the fat. Since I’m morbidly obese, there was no need to me to hit my fat goal of 4 TBS of butter per day.
  • Weight loss! I was not experiencing a slow down or stall on the scale and I still was able to lose 5 pounds. If you need a jump start or a restart to keto this is a great way to get yourself back on track.
  • Absolutely no cravings or desire to eat! That was pretty awesome to experience. It helps get the self discipline going again because it’s so easy to stay on track.
  • An easy challenge to start the momentum of your journey again.

The disadvantages of doing the 5 day egg fast are as follows.

  • Eggs were starting to gag me after day 3. It was very hard to keep eating them to fit my macros.
  • Hard to hit protein goals. Since there was so many eggs to eat it was hard when the eggs were gagging me to eat enough of them to hit my protein goals.
  • I was expecting to save money on my grocery bills but because my store bought free range eggs are actually pretty pricey it ended up being about the same amount I normally spend on groceries.

In conclusion, it was a fun challenge and I would definitely do it again. I would just do the 3 day egg fast because I didn’t see any additional weight loss after day 3 to make it worth doing the 5 days. I was able to lose a decent amount of weight in such a short time. I went from 233 to 228 and I’m happy with that 5 pound loss.

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