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  1. Love your enthusiasm ! Thank You. I’m 70 have RA for twenty years, an now osteoarthritis, Started recently
    On Keto, but I can’t wrap my mind around micro this an that. I take coffee w/Kalifa creamer w/stivia, good, I fast no problem, I wake at 4am, to take T pill, Thyroid.
    But step in good direction. I eat salad 5 days a week, then maybe hamburger or steak in ‘air fryer’. But put
    Ketchup on it… it takes time to get all ‘needs’ for pantry. Limited budget. Social Security… Yes. But I’ll get to the end off having essentials in my home. My question, I love Buffalo dressing, God knows what’s in it.
    I read labels like crazy. Palm oil is forbidden… I know, but that’s my dilemma. I will gladly love to have you
    As my coach!!! It’s worth a couple of extra years worth of life not the $40. Please ? I spoke to my Doctor he said, ‘Go for it’. My Email is I live in Putnam Valley,NY. Anything suggest I’ll try to follow! I’m not on Social Media or tweeter or Facebook. Not interesting to me. I’m divorced live in
    800 so. Ft. House w/ pellet stove, Which means I have to bring in from driveway, 40 pound bags of pellets
    Plus shoveling snow in winter. That’s my GYM. It’s not that bad, I have a wheelbarrow. I’m watching you on
    You tube now. Let me stop. Again Big Thank You….God Bless….Maureen

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